Designing On-The-Fly

After languishing in weblog purgatory over the holiday season, this website is getting a much-needed realignment, as Cameron Moll puts it. And, as usual, the updates will be taking place before your very eyes; indeed, they have already begun.

When Talkabout first launched in 2001, it was merely an experiment to see what Blogger and the whole online journalism movement was all about. Since then it has gone through a number of iterations and has taken on the much larger role of design portfolio, a goal that was never fully realized. Thankfully, the recent relaunch Captiva Creative has freed me to ditch the portfolio effort and use Talkabout as a more personal forum for discussions about design, photography, filmmaking, and life in general. As such, I feel the need for a revised look and feel.

Already some of the common site elements have been updated: Verdana is quickly being replaced with a combination of Lucida Grande and Arial, the diagonal pattern has gotten a sizeable visual boost, and the frontpage now shows the 4 most recent posts. More importantly, the ability to browse posts has been fixed so that all posts show up on their category pages, rather than the last 10.

In the coming weeks you’ll see a noticeable difference in the navigation, as well as a bold move to large-format photography, as I had originally planned over 2 years ago. Along with a number of other surprises, I hope that the overall experience will be twice as engaging, useful, and conscise as before. As the site changes, please let me know what you think!

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