A Blast From The Past

This site began seven years ago as an extension of my old portfolio site, Surreal Studios. Over the years the design has undergone eight major revisions, and countless experimental tweaks and changes in between. One of the unsuspecting targets of these updates was the original logo:

Original Logo (Circa 2001)
Original Logo (Circa 2001)

Logo Two (2003-04)
Logo Two (2003-04)

Logo Three (2005-08)
Logo Three (2005-08)

My personal favorite is, unsurprisingly, the most recent, but it’s interesting to see how the logo reflected my own personal growth, from teenager to adult.

Here’s A Thought

When planning a new campus, it’s never good to build the college at one end of your lot and create a long, endless line of parking to the other.

Although the aesthetics may be wonderful, the user planning here is atrocious. You could place the buildings in the center of the lot, or spread them out to one side of the parking, but no — we must make the late students walk a mile. Sheesh.


Regardless of its dubious necessity, the Homeland Security Dept.’s Ready.gov is one of the best government sites I’ve ever seen. The layout is clear, concise, and appropriate. I wish that could be said of FirstGov.

Absolut has always had a strong marketing presence, both on and offline. The following is an ad that, if for any product other than alcohol, I’d be sold on.

Yahoo! to Redesign Homepage

After using a design that has proved worthy for over 7 years, Yahoo! has decided to renovate its homepage. Normally, I’d be all for a new design, especially from a site so cluttered with links, but the main reason fueling the new site concerns me: they just want more advertising space.

Then again, Yahoo!’s reasoning has always been questionable.

Update: View the beta version of their new homepage.

Unimpressed with Disney’s Autopia

I finally figured out why Disneyland’s Autopia ride has always disappointed me — it doesn’t actually emulate the feeling of driving down the backroads of the country at speeds much higher than law allows. The twists and turns should have a small tinge of fear as you go around them, a risk of overturning your vehicle, or you’re not really having fun. Too bad Disneyland’s cars are on a track.

The joys of having your license.