Crying with Indonesia

The scale of the devastation in the Indian Ocean is unbelievable.  To put it in perspective, just think about these stats: the amount of people who were killed is over 82 times the amount of American casualties in Iraq; at their peak, the tsunami waves were 100ft high, 3 stories higher than the New York Stock Exchange; the force of the earthquake was powerful enough to shift the North Pole and rearrange parts of the Bay of Bengal.

But even in the midst of tragedy, God uses everyday people to make a difference.  Throughout the world people are joining together to stage the largest relief effort in history.  I encourage you to do your part in supporting the affected nations through awareness, prayer, and if possible, financial resources.

United We Stand

Ever since the election results, we’ve witnessed a constant barrage of political and media types crying for "Unity across America!"  There’s an expectation for the Republican majority to work closely with Democrats to find a ‘middle ground’ on all the hot topics in government.  But here’s my question:  Why?

Wake up, fellow voters!  Not only was this election not the most contested presidential race in our country’s history, as it is commonly claimed, but George Bush won by the largest majority in 30 years.  That’s right, more people voted for Bush this time around than his father, Reagan, and both Clinton administrations.  Bush’s support has increased since 4 years ago, not decreased.  Our nation is obviously more united now than they have been for 30 years.

As such, it is up to the losers to work with the majority, not the other way around.  You think the Iraqi goverment would let Saddam Hussein argue that, even though losing the war in Iraq, he should get a say in how the goverment is run?   Goodness.

Look Closer.

Thank goodness the presidential elections are over, without the legal fiasco of 2000. With George W. Bush clearly leading both the electoral college and the popular vote, we’ve been spared another mockery of the freedoms America should have the sense to exercise respectfully.

While exciting, relieving, and hopeful, the re-election of Bush should have been considered unequivocal before the voting booths opened yesterday. This political season’s atmosphere is radically different from the past election (comparisons be hanged) for a variety of reasons, the most obvious of which is the papable fear of terrorism. Memories of September 11th didn’t win the election for Bush, however. That honor goes to the disorganization, disrespect, and disenfranchisement of the Democratic party.

From the surprisingly vicious zeal of Howard Dean to the late (and rather begrudgingly supported) appointment of John Kerry, the Democratic Party has been fighting an uphill battle that only stood a chance in the eyes of a very biased media. Even with forged documents (CBS), double-standard reporting (ABC), and potential sexual favors (VoterGasm), the left lost a race they never had a right to claim.

It was not the outcome of the election, this time, that worried me; I have been far more deeply concerned with the lengths the liberal minority has gone to in an effort to win. From voter registration fraud to plans to contest the election before it even began, there has been an underlying effort to unbalance the equation, presumably with an attitude of “the end justifies the means.”

As I said earlier, this race should have been unequivocally the President’s before it began. Considering how close it became, what will happen in 2008?

Taxpayers Fund RIAA’s War

I am a clear supporter of President Bush and his appointments, including Attorney General Ashcroft. However, I strongly disagree with the recent plan of action laid out by Ashcroft regarding intellectual property, copyright laws, and piracy.

What little information Congress has regarding the issues come directly from the RIAA and MPAA, organizations that benefit not the artists, not the consumers, but the middlemen who are trying desperately to hold onto their increasingly needless jobs.

As Jason Schultz of the EFF stated, “This is a clear example of getting taxpayers to fund the RIAA’s private war.”

On Illegal Actions Being.. Illegal.

“It is against the law for companies to hire workers illegally.” ~ John Kerry (rough quote)

Contrary to public opinion, apparently everyone can get a little flustered and say stupid things when put on the spot, not just Bush. Then again, give me Bush’s verbal flubs over Kerry’s intellectual ones any day.

So you’re gonna vote, right? Well, in case you’re still making up your mind, here’s my suggestion….

You know, just FYI. :)

Cousin Brandon

“One man was found dead and two men were recovered with injuries Sunday afternoon at an aircraft crash site northwest of McGrath by a search-and-rescue team from the Alaska Air National Guard.”


What the story doesn’t tell you is that the plane hit a tree on Brandon’s side; the other two men pulled him from the wreckage before the plane caught fire; his wife had just found out that a second child was on the way; his faith was firm in Christ. The story doesn’t tell you any of that.

Your Choice.

“Later, after reading my sign, one woman started a chant that about a hundred marchers began screaming at me, “THAT WAS YOUR *CHOICE*!” essentially telling me I had no right to be upset or to regret. They stopped marching and stood right in front of me, all one-hundred of them glaring directly at me, some not more than 2-3 feet away, jabbing fingers at me in the air, their faces twisted and contorted with contempt. I just looked from face to face, amazed at what I was seeing. It was starting to get frightening. Not for my personal safety, but their hatred was feeling as though it was reaching a fever pitch and becoming toxic.”

If you’ve an open mind, read the full story… (Hat tip: Em Tasol)

Why Terrorism Works

A [Spanish] 26 year-old window frame maker, who identified himself only as David, said he had changed his vote from Popular Party to Socialist because of the bombings and the war in Iraq. “Maybe the Socialists will get our troops out of Iraq, and Al Qaeda will forget about Spain, so we will be less frightened,” he said. “A bit of us died in the train.” - International Herald Tribune

The Omnipotence of Bush

“…Bush is [so] evil that he was able to enact regime change in Iraq two years before he was elected… four years before the actual war.”

The True Axis of Evil

Although I strongly support the U.S. movement in Iraq, part of me wonders why we haven’t stood up to other oppressive regimes, such as Sudan, Libya, and particularly our “ally,” the “People’s Republic” of China.

How many Americans realize that these people are strictly denied the freedom of speech and religion, or that restrictions are placed on the number of children they have? Innocents everywhere are being persecuted, and the UN back-pats their leaders.