Ephrata Fair (Tuesday)

Photo of the Ephrata Town Fair

Royer’s Pharmacy at Night

Photo of Royer's Pharmacy at Night

Black Forest, Germany

Photo of Black Forest, Germany

Boo says Hi!

Boo says Hi!

Renewal of the Blog, Part I

This past month has seen precisely no updates to this poor website, due in like parts to both travel and the sudden disappearance of my precious Nikon Coolpix 885 camera, lost or stolen on the carnival-swept shores of New Jersey. I have said my condolences, moved on graceously, and today ordered a replacement in the form of Canon’s Digital Rebel EOS.

In the spirit of change, this site is to be officially transformed back into an arm of my communication arts portfolio. Though updates will be spotty until the renovation is complete, you should begin seeing physical changes this week. Let me know what you think!

The Bigger, the Better

I’m switching over to a larger format for my older photos. Many professional photoblogs showcase their work in exceptional high-quality and the standard 400×300 I’m using here just doesn’t cut it for those of you who actually look through the archives.

For now, only the new pictures will be featured in larger 600×450, but I’d eventually like to update all the past photos too.

A Plethora of Holiday Miracles

About two minutes ago, I saw my poor camera still sitting on the night table, still sad, still broken. I picked it up, and Lo! it started working again! After a month of frustration trying to get it to work properly, I couldn’t believe it. That’s one of the best Christmas presents I’ve gotten this year! The above photo is one of the last that I had taken when the camera broke.

The other best present arrived yesterday morning and weighed in at 6 lbs, 6 oz. — Chloe Elyse, my second beautiful niece. Woo!

Canon PowerShot S30

To the resident photographer:
What’s your opinion on the Canon PowerShot S30?

Washington, D.C. Photos

I hate being sick.

However, being at home has given me the opportunity to scan in some photos from Washington DC. Hope you like them!

Updated June 14, 2008 - I will repost these photos when I get a chance.

Snowy Skies

I love the autumn, but winter can be beautiful at times… Kudos to the photographer, Keith Stanley.