What’s Your Story?

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Six months ago I announced my newest film project on Facebook. Since then, a number of people have asked me what it’s about. Many of my churchgoing friends assume it’s an effort at recapturing the backsliding Christians in America; the more secular ones believe it’s my well-rehearsed rant against the institution of modern religion. So, which is it?

With tongue firmly in cheek, I have to admit: it’s both. It’s so easy for people to gravitate to the extremes in any socio-moral spectrum, and that’s exactly what has happened with modern American Christianity. You have fundamentals on one side, fighting for conservative politics and traditional church services; on the other, radical free-spirits who buck systemized spiritual organization found amongst liberals and moderates alike. But a community divided cannot stand. A balance needs finding, and I’ll beat it over people’s heads if I have to.

That said, I’m a brand-spanking new filmmaker; the umbilical cord hasn’t even been cut yet. I have no lofty dreams of uniting Christians nationwide under one banner, or even reaching a large audience. But with a camera, a computer, and a vision, I’m willing to see what might happen, on a personal level, if the subject is opened to my family, friends, and peers.

So what’s your story? Where do you stand?

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